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Arcane Motif is a young dynamic exterior development practice specialising in exterior design and development.

We are committed to providing innovative, site and client sensitive architectural design based solutions. Our aim is to create beautifully simple, seamlessly functional and most importantly wholly unique, exterior environments. Each commission is designed to reflect our client's individual characters and needs, and above all is aimed at lifestyle enhancement through good, thoughtful design.


We design and help create exquisite Exterior Spaces and Landscapes. In our endeavor to create unique designs using unique inputs and elements we custom design and create products to enhance outdoor spaces. 


Koi Ponds and Vertical Gardens are two such products or rather a service due to the specialized methodology and inputs we use to create them.


Besides these creating and using Customized Planters, Engineered Organic Growing Medium,  Landscape Technical material,  Experimenting with Various Material lets us create unique designs and projects.

Green Concepts

Beyond Basic

Exotic Planting

Hardscape Material 


Outdoor Specific

Design Elements 

Custom Design

Feature Designs

3D Designs



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